Rocking Table progress update 1

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For my final project I am making a table that will rock back and forth. The idea behind this is a metaphor for balance in my life. I usually get myself involved with too many things at once causing my self a lot of stress. However, while things are unbalanced, I never seem to lose complete control of the situation.

To do this, I build a table with curved feet. The legs are attached to the top of the table by dowl rods that are secured underneath the table. I had to place another piece of wood between the legs on both ends with dowl rods going through them to keep the rocking motion the same on both sides. This is also helped by two more pieces of wood connecting the legs on the sides. These act as stoppers as well and only allow the table to lean to a certain point. On top of the table will be placed a glass of water that will almost spill as it moves from side to side. This is supposed to represent me as I am close to, but not losing control.

Things I am changing in the final draft are the angles of the legs so that the table top is not completely level when it goes from side to side. I am making it a little larger, but not much due to time constraints. I am also thinking about using a motor t

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